FHU Songwriters’ Showcase Features Student Talent

Mar 05, 2021

Three Freed-Hardeman University students share their gifts for songwriting and performing in FHU’s Songwriter’s Showcase, which is available for viewing on the university’s social media platforms.

“Over the years it’s been my privilege to work with many outstanding songwriters,” Alan Kinningham, FHU associate professor of music, said. “I encourage everyone to sit back, get comfortable and just enjoy.”

The three students participating in the Songwriter’s Showcase include: Rachel Cox, a sophomore social work major from Knoxville; Blake Ferrell, a senior music major from Manchester, Tennessee, and Adam Harris, a sophomore music major from Rienzi, Mississippi.

For the artists finding inspiration to write a song derives from many sources including other artists, friendships and relationships.

“I’ve always been inspired by artists who are raw and honest in their songs,” said Cox, whose songs include “Bungalow House,” “Scene” and “The Story Line.” “I love being able to share my stories through songwriting and I hope other people will be able to connect with them,” she said.

His life experiences and those close to him inspired Ferrell’s songs “The Other Day,” “Give It A Try” and “Cloud 9.”

“I enjoy songwriting because it is a great way to share what has inspired you. It is my favorite form of storytelling and also a great way to share little details about your life,” Ferrell said.

Harris enjoys trying out new sounds and his songs, “Dance with You” and “Shoot Your Shot,” reflect his interest in the country music genre.

“I feel like the creative aspect of music is what inspires me to keep at it,” Harris said.

As FHU’s songwriters continue to hone their craft, may they remember the words of successful songwriters before them including Smokey Robinson of Motown fame, “I look at songwriting as my gift from God.”



Aug 07, 2020

Freed-Hardeman University President David R. Shannon has announced plans to welcome students back for on-campus instruction in August 2020. “We can’t wait to welcome new students and reunite with returning students on campus,” he said. “We are family, and we love spending time with family. We also want to keep our family safe, and as Lions, we want to Protect the Pride!”


Aug 07, 2020

Makin’ Music, Freed-Hardeman University’s annual musical extravaganza, did not take the stage in April for the first time in its more-than-40 year history. Hundreds of students had practiced for months. They had written lyrics, practiced choreography, designed costumes and staging and rehearsed for endless hours, all in anticipation of the annual event which typically draws large crowds to campus. Makin’ Music was canceled by concerns about the COVID-19 virus.

Your Gifts: Amelia Beames

Aug 07, 2020

Amelia Beames, criminal justice and photography double major, used an ELI (Engaged Learning Initiative) grant to create a children's book and research about various national parks across the country.

"Freed-Hardeman has a lot to offer and a lot of courses," Beames said. "You can find what you're interested in, even if it's not a defined major."

"It offers so many different opportunities," Beames said. "I've had experiences here that I never dreamed of having. I never thought I would end up studying abroad or going on a trip like this. There are so many incredible opportunities if you take a look."

2019 Golden Year Reunion

Aug 27, 2019

Golden Year Reunion is your annual opportunity to return to your FHC days…to return to campus, walk the halls and remember those years, to spend time in the company of friends and share stories, legend and lore, and to remember the blessings brought to each of us from our time at Freed-Hardeman.

Your Gifts: His Glory - Brown Research Team

Aug 23, 2019

The Brown Legacy Research Team was a group of business school students who came together to conduct research on the legacy of John and Rosemary Brown, FHU alumni and founders of the Stryker Corporation. The studied the Brown’s impact on the business world and their management and leadership styles.

Your Gifts: His Glory - Joel Turner

Aug 23, 2019

Joel Turner is a biology major who spent his Summer working at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in East Tennessee. He worked with researchers to recreate the environment of the human mouth for a project funded by the National Institute of Health to help fight gum disease.

Your Gifts: His Glory - Ellie Leonard

Aug 23, 2019

Ellie Leornard is a Bachelor of Fine Arts student who has learned to trust God with the details of her life while using the gifts He has given her. Ellie used those gifts to paint the 2019 Lectureship painting that shows Moses parting the Red Sea and delivering the children of Israel out of Egypt. Studying art and its history had grown and strengthened her as a person.

Lions Host NAIA Opening Round

Aug 23, 2019

FHU hosted the opening round of the NAIA Baseball National Tournament for the first time in school history, allowing the Lions to punch their ticket to the NAIA World Series in Lewiston, Idaho, in front of an appreciative home audience. Eight other sites across the country hosted opening round tournaments, also.

Your Gifts: His Glory - Keith Mattix

Aug 23, 2019

Keith Mattix is a Computer Science major with a passion for using artificial intelligence for social good. He has seen how it can be used to aid hurricane relief efforts and has worked to create his own artificial intelligence network through our a.i. course on campus. He continues his work and research, so that one day people can use if to further God’s kingdom by helping those in need.

Your Gifts: His Glory - Matthew Johnson

Aug 23, 2019

Matthew Johnson is a Bible, English and Pre-Engineering major that spent ten weeks working with Georgia Tech researched and graduate students to create microfluidic devices using nano technology.

Your Gifts: His Glory - Wayne Baker

Aug 23, 2019

Wayne Baker is a Biology major who worked on the continuation of a multi-year, multi-capture study of the local turtle population. He and the team studied the growth and change of the turtle population, the size of individual turtles and more while gaining experience in field research.