Student Government Association

Mission: Our goal is to share the voices of the students with the university as a whole. The SGA supports the concerns, views, ideas, and suggestions of the students. Members of SGA dedicate their time and energy to enhance each student’s experience at FHU.

We are greatly honored and humbled to serve as your SGA officers this school year. It is comforting to know that we as students want to make our university a constantly improving place for current and future students. In order to better the FHU experience, SGA strives for clearer communication between the student body and administration and we will work together with all members of SGA to represent your voice and views to the administration. Your contribution and involvement are both indispensable and invaluable to SGA. We want to thank you in advance for working with SGA to make FHU the best university it can be. 



Paul Garretson


Hannah B

Hannah Bigham


John Michael

John Michael Sweatt



Rachel Garrison



Logan Quertermos



Landen Wright

Chief of Staff