About SGA

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an elected group of students at FHU whose desire is to make a difference on campus. 

The SGA's elected positions include Executive, Senatorial, Social Club, and Dormitory Representatives. The SGA facilitates a means of direct communication for the students of FHU to voice their opinions and concerns regarding campus and school life. Such concerns are heard by the SGA and solutions are sought to best benefit the student body. 

In the SGA, specific committees work to promote a better experience on the FHU campus for the student body. SGA committees include Community Service, Food Services, Rules and Regulations, Safety, Spiritual Life, Student Life, and Technology. With the combined leadership of the Executive Branch and the hard work of the committees, the SGA aims to be a strong voice for the student body. The Student Government Association is an association by the students and for the students.