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Blackboard Learn Resources

The following resources will allow faculty to familiarize themselves with the features and functionality of Blackboard Learn. 

FHU's Current Blackboard Version:
 Blackboard Learn 9.1 October 2014

Instructor Resources:
Blackboard Help (Learn 9.1 2014)
Blackboard Learn Basics (complete essentials guide)

Sending Email to Students in Blackboard Learn
Export and Import in Blackboard Learn Courses
Backing up Courses in Blackboard Learn
Exporting Grades from Blackboard Learn
Adding and Removing Blackboard Course Instructors

Embedding Google Drive Videos in Blackboard
Linking Google Drive Videos in Blackboard

Blackboard On-Demand Learning Center
The Blackboard On-Demand Learning Center provides additional documentation for the instructor. Blackboard, Inc. is the host of this site and its usage is governed by the site's usage policy.


Granting Access to Blackboard Courses
On occasion, it may be necessary to grant course access to individuals other than those automatically enrolled in the course. To accomplish this task, the faculty of record or the college dean should complete the form titled, Request to Grant Access to Blackboard Course and attach a signed, digital copy of the form to a HelpDesk ticket for submission to IT. Please note that the faculty of record does not need to complete a form if they plan to add individuals to a course. This only applies if the faculty member requests IT to perform this task on their behalf.