Freed-Hardeman University recognizes the need to validate the identity of the learner and ensure the integrity of the assessment process in digital learning environments. Student identity and assessment integrity may be facilitated through various means such as authentic assessments, presentations, portfolios, timed exams, intense writing assignments, and proctored exams.

Proctored testing is one method to enable the university to ensure the academic integrity of assessments and to comply with federal regulations that require universities offering online and distance education to verify student identity. The instructor of a distance learning course may elect to require proctored exam(s) as a means of assessment. 

Freed-Hardeman University has partnered with Honorlock to help bridge the gap between student convenience and academic integrity through the use of proctored exams. Honorlock provides on-demand proctoring services for schools and universities that is designed with the student in mind. Students are now able to take an exam in the comfort of his/her home at any hour of the day and have a live virtual proctor to administer the exam at no cost to the student.


Tutorials and Resources

Refer to the guide and videos below to help you learn how to set up and complete a proctored exam using Honorlock.




Frequently Asked Questions

Why and when is online proctoring necessary?

Are instructors required to use Honorlock?

What equipment is needed to take a proctored test with Honorlock?

Why do I need a photo ID? What forms of ID are acceptable?

Do I need to schedule or sign up for my proctored exam with Honorlock?

Is there a charge for me to take a proctored exam using Honorlock?

What if I experience a problem or technical issues when taking a proctored exam with Honorlock?

Why am I being prompted for an access code or password?

What is the Honorlock Chrome browser extension?

Can I uninstall the Honorlock extension in my browser after my exam is over?

What about accessibility and students with special needs?

Who determines if cheating took place during an online proctored test?

Is it true that my student information could be sold to third parities if I participate in an online proctored test?

Is Honorlock tracking my online activities and watching me when I am not taking a proctored exam?

Is it true that Honorlock scans home networks and monitors data from any device connected to that network?

Does the Honorlock browser application have the ability to detect and monitor other computing devices connected to the local/home network used during a student's proctoring session?

Does Honorlock have the capability to monitor the use of my smartphone during an examination session?

Does Honorlock have control of my computer or my mobile phone?

Where does Honorlock store my student data?

How long is my student data stored?

How is my student data secured and protected?

Who has access to my student data?

Who monitors the test, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or live proctors? Who reviews the flags?

What data is tracked/recorded from the web browser extension and how is it handled?