At FHU, we let the numbers speak for themselves.

Every university has pretty pictures with smiling faces. But the numbers don't lie, and we have some pretty impressive figures.

For the past four years, FHU has received the prestigious Great School, Great Price distinction and has been ranked in the Best Southeast Universities by U.S. News & World Report. But what does that mean?

It means we care. We care enough to keep our class sizes small, allowing you to have more time with qualified instructors who know you by name and care about your success. While you're here, we know that financial aid is important, and we work hard to help each and every student. And most importantly we provide the opportunities that prepare you to find that great first job or graduate program to help you find even more success after you leave FHU. And the most important part of our university is the people that make it great. People just like you.

81 percent of classes have less than 30 students 100 percent of FHU grads since 2007 were accepted into pharmacy schools
90 percent of FHU students receive financial aid 95 percent of alumni are employed within months of graduation
The beginnings of bright futures. One student at a time.
Jennifer Smith

Success stories, like Jennifer Smith's, are happening every day, proving that FHU is truly a great place to start great futures.

Your time at FHU can lead you to some big places. Graduates from FHU are accepted into graduate and professional programs that are consistently at the top of their respective fields.

Just like Jennifer. Graduating from FHU in 2006, she is now completing her residency at the University of Tennessee Pharmacy School. Her time at FHU prepared her to be the person that she always wanted, and is paving the way to a successful future. At FHU, you decide your own future. What will yours be?

Top-tier Academics

Top-Tier Academics

FHU is consistently ranked among the best universities in the southeast by U.S. News & World Report, delivering a top-tier liberal arts education.

Christian Campus

Christian Campus

At our core is our commitment to creating a Christian campus for you to grow spiritually, allowing you to grow into the person you were meant to be.

A Family of Friends

A Family of Friends

FHU is about building relationships. Who you call friends can help mold you into the best person you can be, creating a strong foundation you can rely on.

Success at your fingertips

Success at your fingertips.

All of this adds up to real world success. You will leave here with a world-class education, a stronger spiritual life, and life-long friends who will help you succeed.

Heritage. It's who we are and where we come from.

Founded in 1869, we have a legacy of history and tradition that dates back over 140 years.

Freed-Hardeman is about people. Old and new, the school and the family it contains are much the same. The buildings age, the photos fade, but the people and the love they show for each other is constant. Here's a few key points in the history of FHU, and how the people of that time helped mold Freed-Hardeman into the place we love today.

Freed-Hardeman College 1922-1923
  • 1895
  • 1907
  • 1919
  • 1939
  • 1978
  • 2007
Freed is President of WTCC Old Main Begins Construction College Finds Current Name What Class was Like in the 1930s First Makin' Music Performance iKnow Initiative Begins

Freed is President of WTCC

A.G. Freed becomes president of West Tennessee Christian College, renamed Georgie Robertson Christian College in 1897.

Old Main Begins Construction

The Administration Building, now called Old Main, begins construction. It is designed by famous local architect Hubert McGee.

College Finds Current Name

Georgie Robertson Christian College is renamed for current president and vice president Freed and Hardeman, respectively.

What Class was Like in the 1930s

A women's Bible class in 1939 is taught by W. Claude Hall, who achieved recognition by aligning our curriculum with national standards.

First Makin' Music Performance

Makin' Music's first performance, "Once a Year Day," involves 14 groups, 200 students, and the Grand Prize goes to the senior class.

iKnow Initiative Begins

Leading the way in technological advancement, FHU begins the iKnow Initiative, a relationship with Apple incorporating technology and learning.

Main campus in Henderson, TN

Our on-campus education is world-class. But the limits of our campus extend far past Henderson.

At FHU, the boundaries of learning are not blurred by those things called oceans.

Education at Freed-Hardeman not only teaches you to excel outside of the classroom, but can literally take you far beyond. Headquartered in the centrally located town of Verviers, Belgium the study abroad program at FHU promises a semester you will never forget. Now with fall and spring programs available, both allow for weeks of group and free travel. Students are able to earn at least 12 credit hours that include courses in literature, history and Bible.

Study abroad program centrally located out of Verviers, Belgium

And you can learn here, too. A first-hand look at global culture helps you build a complete education.

This is a caring community built around a shared faith.

Christian service is part of the foundation of our university. We've got big hearts ready to change lives in a big way.

Not only will you learn how to make a living, but you will also learn to live spiritually. From mission trips to service clubs, leading in chapel and devotionals, to simply being a part of the local Christian community, FHU makes your spiritual

development number one on it's priority list. One component of this that is at the core of who we are at FHU is service to others. Every student has the chance to serve in an organized way, where results can easily be seen. Whether it's through a science program for 7th and 8th graders or on mission trips that span the globe, our students work to make the world a better place. Because of their service and what they provide, they not only enhance where they live, work and play, they find contentment and satisfaction in a life that can only be found at FHU.

Why choose FHU? Find out what we are all about.

Learn more about what makes us the place you need to be.

At FHU, you not only get an education, but you have access to so much more. Imagine becoming the person you were meant to be while being surrounded by lifelong friends, supportive teachers and knowing that at Freed-Hardeman, you truly are where you belong. This is your home.

While Freed-Hardeman is not the largest school you could attend, the opportunities you'll have here are huge. This is a place where you will have the chance to lead. From professional clubs, social clubs, school trips or service organizations, the opportunities in front of you are endless. And we want you to know that we care about who you are. You're not a number. You're a valuable part of the family and we want you to find lifelong success.

These pictures give a glimpse into the real FHU life.

A look at these photos tells you the true story of what the FHU experience is all about.

The life as a student at Freed can't be summarized in a paragraph. The friendships, experiences and education you become a part of while here are unlike anything else you can imagine. While at FHU you become part of a family that you will continue even after you leave Freed. Come be a part of the FHU family and see what you're missing out on!

Students in the commons Recent graduates Social club friends Makin' Music Lady Lions basketball Student led Soles for Souls project
iPad Pilot test in the classroom Students in a theatre production Greek week cheers Social club mixer FHU halftime activities at b-ball game Makin' Music
Homecoming Court Soap Box car race on University Street Students walking in front of Brown-Kopel Student enjoying a meal together in the dining hall Theatre production Social club mixer canned string fight