Disposal Procedures

Disposal of Surplus University Property

The Office of Purchasing at FHU has the responsibility of disposing of surplus university equipment and supplies.

What this means is you can contact the Office of Purchasing to get rid of items your department no longer uses, rather than trying to get rid of it yourself or worse yet, putting it in some storage room...out of sight and out of mind.

The Procedure is as follows:

  1. Contact the Office of Purchasing with any items you no longer use and wish to remove from your office or department. Please send an email to purchasing@fhu.edu and be sure to include a complete description of the item with mfg stock # if available and estimated resale value.

  2. All useable equipment will be reallocated first to various university departments as needed.

  3. Before buying any new equipment or furnishings, please contact the Office of Purchasing first to see if we can meet your needs without purchasing new items. We will keep an inventory list of stored, reusable items.

  4. If there is not a need on campus for the item, then on a periodic basis we will send out a notice of items for sale for personal use. All items will be made available to FHU employees first, before we make them available to the general public. Donated items available to sell will also be handled in this manner.

  5. All items not sold to FHU employees will be made available to sell to the general public.

  6. Any items not sold to the general public will be made available to a salvager.

  7. If in the event there is absolutely no resale value, the item will be recycled or thrown away.


Going forward, as more items become available for disposal, we will create a webpage where FHU employees can go to look for items they may wish to purchase for personal use.

All income from the sale of the surplus equipment will go into a "university surplus asset account" for general university needs.