FHU Abroad

FHU Abroad offers a variety of international learning experiences that enrich students’ global and cultural awareness and encourage their personal growth. The goal is to develop our students into informed global citizens who have the skills necessary to succeed in a diverse and increasingly interconnected world. Your international travels and experiences with FHU Abroad will be life-changing opportunities for growth and learning.

Our study abroad programs range from roughly one week to one semester, with a focus on a variety of academic disciplines and to locations all over the world. Find out which program is right for you!

A Semester in Europe

Spend a semester abroad and travel throughout Western Europe while earning a semester's-worth of college credit.

One Month in Spain

Learn Spanish language and culture during a month-long immersion program with exciting excursions throughout Spain.

A Tour of the Bible Lands

Take a pilgrimage to biblical sites in the Eastern Mediterranean region, including Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt

An Expedition to Costa Rica

Encounter the rich biodiversity during a trip to the rainforest at Laguna del Lagarto while studying biology or photography.

A Visit to South Korea

Visit the headquarters of major Korean companies in Seoul like LG and Samsung on this business-focused program.

A Trip to England

Study English prose and poetry from the Romantic period, such as works by Jane Austen and William Wordsworth.