You can earn a 12-15 credit hours while living and studying in Europe with FHU. Your semester in Europe will be full of exciting opportunities:

  • Trips to sites and cities in and around Belgium where our campus is located, including the EU Parliament in Brussels and the canals of medieval Bruges.

  • Six days in Paris spent climbing the iconic Eiffel Tower, visiting the gargoyles at the top of Notre-Dame, and discovering the treasures of the Louvre that you have only seen in textbooks.

  • Eight days in Austria and Germany, with visits to the lovely city of Salzburg, the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, and the beautiful lake Königssee.

  • In the spring, eleven days in Italy spent marveling at the Colosseum and ancient ruins of Rome, visiting the birthplace of the Renaissance in Florence, and wandering along the winding canals of Venice.

  • In the fall, an eleven-day tour of the United Kingdom including a play in the Globe Theatre, coffee at the Elephant House Café where J. K. Rowling penned the Harry Potter novels, and a visit to ancient Stonehenge.

  • Three weeks of independent free travel, during which you can backpack through the majestic Alps, admire the architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona, or follow in the Apostle Paul’s footsteps in Athens.


All of this is possible - and more - when you spend a semester studying in Europe with FHU. For more information about the FHU Abroad program in Belgium, visit the FAQs or contact the FHU Abroad Office at