Chemistry Research

Computational Chemistry

Phosphorus containing complexes are vital in biological and chemical systems, and understanding how these complexes react is the focus of intense research. We are currently investigating isomerization of 5-coordinate phosphorus compounds at a theoretical level and looking for trends when compared to published experimental data. This research merges the areas of chemistry, physics, and computers, resulting in a cross-disciplinary experience. Jim Barr mentors undergraduate students in this area of research.


Future Projects

Chemical Dynamics - Previous research at the University of Nevada, Reno and the Combustion Research Facility (Sandia National Laboratories) included crossed-beam scattering of argon, neon, and diatomic nitrogen with nitric oxide to investigate the chemical dynamics of the scattering systems. Results show it is possible to generate molecules with a specific sense of rotation, a view toward molecular control. Our new science facility has been built for future work in the area of chemical dynamics utilizing similar techniques. This area of research will also be led by Jim Barr.