Mathematics & Computer Science Research

High Performance Computing (HPC) 

High-performance computing (HPC) uses supercomputers and clusters of computers to solve advanced computation problems. The goal of the HPC project is to utilize the power of FHU's GPU-cluster to solve real-world problems. The group plans to use open-source scientific simulation software to support the work of the computational chemistry research group as well as other groups. The group will also install and run GPU-enabled simulation software. Additionally, the team plans to develop software for distributed and parallel evolutionary optimization for the CUDA GPU architecture. Dr. Kenan Casey is mentor of the team conducting this research.



Mobile Application Development 

Mobile platforms have emerged as one of the dominant software platforms. The second project of the MACC group focuses on developing and maintaining software for mobile platforms including iOS and Android. Currently, the focus of the project is on improving FHU's iPhone app, FHU Mobile, including bug fixes and feature additions. The group also plans to assist in the development of the iPad and Android versions of FHU Mobile. Other mobile apps are planned for the future. Dr. Kenan Casey is the lead developer for this software. FHU's mobile application development is under the oversight of the University Webmaster in IT, Mr. Coltyn DeLoach.

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