Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences


The Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences seeks to further the aims and purposes of Freed-Hardeman University by: 

  1. making the student more conscious of God and design in natural phenomena; 

  2. furthering the student’s liberal arts education by contributing to his or her cultural background and helping him or her to enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the natural world; 

  3. imparting some understanding of the methods of scientific investigation, thus building a foundation for further research and advanced study in sciences and various related fields; 

  4. preparing students in the health-related pre-professional fields and offering a sound background for those preparing themselves to teach; and

  5. preparing students for positions in industry, civil service, and other areas.


The Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences offers baccalaureate minors in Biology, Conservation and Wildlife Biology, Chemistry, Health, and Kinesiology. Bachelor's degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, and Physical Science are offered within the department.

The department offers two options in pre-engineering: the standard two-year pre-engineering curriculum or a dual-degree program in which the student may receive a bachelor's degree with a major in physical science from Freed-Hardeman University and a degree in engineering from an ABET-accredited school of engineering after the successful completion of the prescribed curricula at both schools. The dual-degree is a 3-2 program, including three years at Freed-Hardeman University and two years at an ABET-accredited school of engineering.

Requirements for teacher licensure in Tennessee and most states may be met in Biology and General Science. A four-year professional program is offered to develop competent teachers and leaders in the fields of kinesiology, exercise science, and fitness. Teacher licensure is available through the additional courses and requirements of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Brian Butterfield, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Biological, Physical, and Human Sciences; Professor of Biology

Anderson Science Center, Room 112