Admissions Information

Only completed applications will be reviewed for selection. Admission to the PTA Program is selective and competitive. All forms, documents, and information become property of Freed-Hardeman University's Physical Therapist Assistant Department and will not be returned, copied, or released.

PTA Applications for the August 2024 cohort will open on December 1, 2023. The application deadline is March 31, 2024. Complete applications received after March 31, 2024, will be considered as space within the cohort is available. Applications will continue to be accepted until the cohort is full or the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester.

Admissions interviews will be by invitation only. Interviews will not be rescheduled except in cases of unforeseen circumstances such as family emergencies. Rescheduling of interviews will be determined by the interview panel.

PTA applications are considered for one cycle only. Once a cohort has begun the technical phase of the program, any applications received will be considered for the subsequent cohort. 

FHU's PTA Program has specific admission requirements set apart from Freed-Hardeman University's general admission requirements due to a maximum cohort size of 18 students each fall semester. Applicants must obtain admission into the institution prior to application to the PTA Program. A formal screening procedure will be used to select the best qualified applicants for each cohort. 


To be considered for admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, applicants must: 

  • be accepted for admission to Freed-Hardeman University,

  • have satisfactorily completed all required academic prerequisites (minimum  cumulative GPA of 2.8 and grade of "C" or higher in BIO211, BIO212, BIO115,  PSY210, and MAT101),

  • must have completed 12 of the 16 prerequisite hours at time of application - 4 of the 12 hours completed must be BIO211,

  • submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation,

  • have attended a PTA informational session within 1 year of application, 

  • have submitted all required forms, documents, and information by the application deadline, and

  • have completed FHU liberal arts core requirements by start of technical phase of PTA Program.