Major in English

Being an English major at Freed-Hardeman is about scholarship and research, but it is also about community. You will have the chance to work alongside like-minded students and a passionate faculty of scholars who are still students themselves. The English program at FHU offers a range of literature courses in the great writers from the British and American literary traditions, as well as topical seminars on areas of special interest to our faculty and students, including courses in women writers, Arthurian literature, and African-American literature. Whatever course you choose to take, you're sure to study under professors who love what they do, who enjoy learning with you, and who approach their craft from a Christian perspective.

Many of our English majors plan to teach at the secondary level. Others pursue a graduate degree in English or enter law school or another professional degree program, such as Information (Library) Science. In fact, our recent graduates have been accepted to graduate and professional degree programs at such respected institutions as Purdue, Vanderbilt, the University of Alabama, the University of Arkansas, and the University of Tennessee, among others. Still other graduates are now working in writing and editing, banking and finance, and the ministry. An English major can thus provide good preparation for any field that requires critical thinking and writing skills, the interpretation of texts, and making oral presentations.

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Degree Requirements

B.A. Major in English


Program Coordinator:  Dr. John McLaughlin

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation 

All English majors must register for and take either the Literature Subject Area Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Major Field Test:  Literature in English Test (ETS) during the semester in which the student is enrolled in ENG 495 Senior Project. This test score must be on file for the student to graduate, or the student must present verification that the test has been taken.


I.  Liberal Arts Core Requirements

34 hours

Listed in this catalog under Academics:  Liberal Arts Core

NOTE: English majors must take ENG 215 World Literature for the Liberal Art Core requirement for Critical and Creative Works. 

II. Major Requirements

42 hours

(In addition to the Liberal Arts Core requirement of three (3) hours of
literature, six (6) additional hours of literature are required, so that the student has credit in all three areas of literature: English, American, and World.)

ENG 295

Introduction to English Studies (W)


ENG 305

Advanced Traditional Grammar


ENG 335 

Romantic Poetry and Prose OR

ENG 385 

Victorian Poetry and Prose


ENG 365

Renaissance Drama (W)


ENG 405

Advanced Composition (W)


ENG 425 

The British Novel OR

ENG 435 

American Fiction 


ENG 495

Senior Project (W)



Additional upper-division English


SPA 131

Elementary Spanish I


SPA 132

Elementary Spanish II

ENG 225 

British Literature 

ENG 235 

American Literature 


III. Additional Requirements:  

Humanities course for B.A. Degree 

3-4 hours 


IV. Electives (including additional Bible):

46-47 hours

*Students must take at least three (3) hours of a theory-based, upper division literature class. A theory-based course is one designated with the letters "TH" on the course schedule. 


Requirements for Teaching Licensure in English

1. Completion of the B.A. major in English as outlined above.

2. Required professional education courses. (See Department of Education entry.)