Major in Spanish

The U.S. has the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, second only to Mexico, and the numbers continue to grow. Approximately 20 percent of this country's population (over 50 million people) are Spanish speakers. Spanish is the first language of about 30 percent of all children under five-years-old in this country.

What does that mean for you? It means that whatever you decide to study in college, adding Spanish to your degree plan will not only make you more "marketable" but will also provide you with more opportunities to be a servant. At FHU, we want to help prepare you to work with and to serve others in bilingual situations.

We want to encourage you to check out the requirements for the Spanish major and the Spanish minor. Please feel free to contact Dr. Margaret Payne for additional information. We want you to study Spanish at FHU!

Degree Requirements

B.A. Major in Spanish


Program Coordinator: Dr. Linda Moran

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation


I. Liberal Arts Core Requirements:
Listed in this catalog under Academics:  Liberal Arts Core

34 hours


II. Major Requirements:

35 hours

SPA 231

Intermediate Spanish I


SPA 232

Intermediate Spanish II


SPA 271

Introduction to Latin American and Peninsular Literature


SPA 325

Phonetics and Diction


SPA 331

Survey of Peninsular Literature I (W) OR


SPA 332 

Survey of Peninsular Literature II (W)


SPA 365

Latin American Civilizations and Cultures (W)


SPA 366

Peninsular Civilizations and Cultures


SPA 367

Spanish Immersion Program/Study Abroad

SPA 499B*

Advanced Spanish Grammar and Spanish Conversation


SPA 431

Survey of Latin American Literature I (W) OR


SPA 432

Survey of Latin American Literature II (W)


SPA 490

Capstone in Peninsular and Latin American Studies


Choose a minimum of three (3) additional hours from the following:

3 hours

SPA 296

Field Laboratory



Special Topics in Spanish


BIB 236

Intercultural Communication



Bible course in Spanish***



III.  Electives (including additional Bible):

57 hours


*These upper-division credit hours must be earned during the Spanish Immersion Program/Study Abroad.

**Students seeking a Secondary Education major must take two 400-level courses. These can be substituted for SPA 365 or SPA 366. (SPA 490 is a mandatory course.) 

***This course may count as a student's Bible course for one semester. However, the student cannot receive credit for this course if he/she has already received credit for the same study in English. Prerequisites: SPA 232 Intermediate Spanish or permission from the instructor. SPA 336 Spanish Conversation is offered in the spring for minors; however, Spanish majors may take it for elective credit.


NOTE: SPA131/132 (Elementary Spanish I and II) are prerequisites that can be satisfied by taking the courses at FHU, transferring the courses from an accredited institution, receiving AP or dual enrollment credit for both levels, or CLEP Examination.


Requirements for Teaching Licensure in Spanish

1. Completion of the B.A. major in Spanish as outlined above.

2. Required professional education courses. (See "Department of Education" entry.)