Interactive Digital Design (B.A.)

The Department of Fine Arts offers a B.A. in Interactive Digital Design (Designer Emphasis). This interdisciplinary program merges the fields of graphic design and software development.

The mission of the Interactive Digital Design Program is to provide a creative environment in which students can develop skills which will provide the knowledge needed to work and communicate effectively in the digital design profession.

Application development is one of the fastest growing trends among enterprises. This, along with the world's growing dependence on Internet technology, basically guarantees future demand for web design careers. The Interactive Digital Design Program allows students to concentrate on strengths of narrative visual designs, programming, and digital interface design. The coursework enables the student to build the essential skills set needed to create digital resources like web pages, smartphone apps, and social media sites. Students will be equipped with foundational skills in computational thinking and skills to make creative aesthetic decisions when designing digital media.

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Degree Requirements

B.A. Major in Interactive Digital Design (Designer Emphasis)


Program Coordinator:  

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation  


I.  Liberal Arts Core Requirements 

34 hours 

Listed in this catalog under Academics:  Liberal Arts Core

Limit II C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 101 College Algebra


II.  Major Requirements: 

39 hours

Interactive Digital Design Core:

27 hours 

ART 130 

2-D Design 


ART 230 

Digital Graphics Fundamentals 

ART 235 

Graphic Design I (W)

ART 337 

Graphic Design II 

CIS 171 

Computer Programming I 

CIS 211 

Introduction to Web Design 

CIS 311 

Advanced Web Design 

CIS 322 

Human-Computer Interaction (W)

CIS/ART 495 

Capstone Senior Design Project (W)

Interactive Digital Design (Designer):

 9 hours 

ART 120 

Drawing I


ART 201 

Introduction to Photography 


ART 300/400 



Choose three (3) hours from the following courses:

 3 hours

ART 311 

Ancient Art (W)


ART 312 

Medieval and Asian Art (W) 


ART 313 

Renaissance Art 


ART 314 

Modern Art (W) 


ART 410 

Readings in Art History (W) 



III.  Electives (including additional Bible): 

53 hours