Job Prospects for Graduates

Advice to Parents: How can a Theatre degree prepare your child for the world of work?

Being able to communicate with people, collaborate with people, and develop high personal standards for excellence are wonderful skills to take to any workplace. All of these skills are being developed in the theatre program at FHU. - Dr. Cheryl Lambert, mother of Abby Lambert (B.A. 2016)



The number of careers available to theater majors is vast and varied. Students graduating from our program tend to be organized, articulate, inventive, curious, competitive, energetic, creative and friendly. Because of the unique nature of the art of theater, our students are hard workers, proactive, understand and practice team-building, know how to meet deadlines, use a variety of research techniques, accept criticism well, are creative problem solvers and enjoy "process" as well as "product."

This type of student has little problem in securing a job or embarking on a fruitful and (very often) lucrative career. Does this mean that all theater majors will earn a living in the performing arts? Certainly not. However, several of our talented graduates are working in professional theatre across the country, or are successfully passing on their craft in the classroom.

Currently, theatre technicians are in the greatest demand, especially technical directors, lighting and sound designers, and specialty craftspersons like props masters and master electricians. However, the theatre generalist, the actor who can also paint, or the costumer who can also sing, hasn't disappeared. In this economy, theatre companies look for employees (actors and techies) who are skilled in many areas.

Also in demand are front-of-house personnel, like marketing directors (a "hot" job right now), box office managers and the like. People with business savvy and creativity can thrive in a professional theatre.

On the whole, theater students are in demand in the workplace. They are motivated people who embrace challenges and deliver on promises.  In short, they are passionate in all their pursuits.

Finally, few areas of employment need the healing touch that Christians can provide more strongly than does the entertainment industry. Today "the furthest ends of the earth" may well be Hollywood, Broadway or your local regional theatre. Who else can spread the salt and light of Christ better than Christian theatre artists?

At FHU, Christian artists are encouraged to view their work as a calling as well as a profession.


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