History, Philosophy, and Political Studies

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Studies is to teach students to be critical thinkers who are responsible and empathetic citizens of their nation and world. Our faculty members believe that critical thinking, the ability to weigh evidence, form judgments, and solve problems are survival skills necessary to live, learn, and work in the challenging twenty-first century. We also believe that responsible and empathetic citizenship is a core component of a Christian life.

Why study here?

The majors in history and law and politics stress critical thinking and the ability to form independent judgments based on careful weighing of the available evidence. Students learn to read, reflect, write, and speak clearly. Our department introduces students to the breadth of the human experience, promoting empathy for others. Courses in history, philosophy, and political studies lay the foundation for graduate study and careers in business, law, teaching, and ministry. Having earned more than just a degree, our students leave Freed-Hardeman University prepared for successful lives and careers.

Our department is relationship-centered. We stress faculty-student and student-student relationships, believing that the best possible intellectual and spiritual outcome occurs in a community of Christian scholarship. If you want to study in an environment where you are known and are valued, our department is the place for you.

We offer a variety of opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Faculty members sponsor professional and political clubs, including the History Club, Philosophy Club, Law Society, College Democrats, and College Republicans. Our Alpha-Nu-Theta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honors society, produces an online journal of student research essays and book review essays. In addition, students in our department have completed successful internships in law, government, and museums.

Gregory D. Massey, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Chair, Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Studies; Professor of History

Joy Simon-McDaniel House, Room 10