Major in History

Made in God's image, humans are blessed with historical consciousness. Unlike animals we have a sense of becoming. When we think historically, we consider what we have been, who we presently are, and how we want to live our lives in the future. The study of history trains students to think historically, both collectively, as we examine evidence of the past, and individually, as we analyze our own lives. Students learn to evaluate change and continuity over time. Aware that the past was contingent, that people made history by their choices, students gain empathy for the struggles of others. Few subjects offer such opportunities for personal enrichment.

At Freed-Hardeman University, we stress that history is not what happened in the past. Instead, history is created. It is a process that involves historians analyzing and selecting evidence and writing their conclusions with reason and clarity. This process of reading, analyzing, and writing hones students' critical thinking skills - preparing them to live, learn, and work in the challenging twenty-first century.

Degree Requirements

B.A. Major in History

126 hours

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Greg Massey
For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation


I.  Liberal Arts Core Requirements

34 hours

Listed in this catalog under Academics: Liberal Arts Core


II. Major Requirements:

41 hours

HIS 111

Survey of Civilization I 

HIS 112 

Survey of Civilization II

HIS 221/222

American History I and II 


HIS 337    

Research and Writing of History I (W)


HIS 338

Research and Writing of History II (W)


HIS 397 


HIS 440

History Capstone



Upper-division course


POL 251

Fundamentals of Political Geography



Select six (6) hours from the following list:

6 hours

HIS 314

Ancient and Classical Civilizations (W)


HIS 328

Modern Latin American History


HIS 415

Twentieth Century World



Select six (6) hours from the following list: 

6 hours

HIS 323 

American Colonial and Early National Period, 1500-1800


HIS 325 

The Civil War 


HIS 424

Twentieth Century America (W)



Select three (3) hours from the following list:

3 hours

HIS 410

Christianity in the West 


POL 412

Western Political Thought (W)



III. Electives (including additional Bible)

51 hours


Requirements for Teaching Licensure in History

1. Completion of the B.A. major in History as outlined above.

2. Required professional education courses. (See Department of Education entry.)