Arts and Humanities at FHU

The major in Arts and Humanities is unique. Most major programs require a list of specific classes that the student must take. Some students find this approach to be restrictive. They want a multi-disciplinary major that enables them to explore a more diverse range of classes in their major.

The Arts and Humanities major enables the student to explore a greater variety of courses that will also serve as their major requirements. The Arts and Humanities major requires that the courses selected by the student fall into three basic categories: Arts and Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, or Math and Natural Sciences. If you would like to pursue a degree in Arts and Humanities, please contact Dr. Loren Warf in the College of Arts and Sciences at

For additional information or questions regarding the A.A. in General Studies, please contact Jared Gott, Director of Emerging and Innovative Programs, at 731-989-6649 or

For additional information or questions regarding the minor in Military Science and Leadership, please contact Tim Roberts, Veteran Resource Director, at 731-989-6021 or

B.A./B.S. Major in Arts & Humanities                                                          126 HOURS

Program Coordinator: Dr. Loren Warf

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation

I.     Liberal Arts Core Requirements:                                                               35 hours

       Listed in this catalog under Academics: Liberal Arts Core

II.    Major Requirements:*                                                                                 36 hours

        Arts and Humanities                                                                                            6

        Arts and Humanities (upper-division)                                                                 12

        Social and Behavioral Sciences                                                                          6

        Social and Behavioral Sciences (upper-division)                                                3

        Mathematics and Natural Sciences                                                                     6

        Mathematics and Natural Sciences (upper-division)                                           3

III.    Electives (including additional Bible):                                                     55 hours

        *Courses taken must include three (3) writing (W) courses.


Associate of Arts in General Studies                                                                   60 hours

I.  Liberal Arts Core Requirements:                                                                      31 hours

A.  Biblical Values: 

 4 hours     

      1.  Bible


BIB 121 

The Life of Christ       



BIB 122 

Acts of Apostles 



B.  Basic Skills:       


12 hours 

      1.  Written Communication


ENG 101 

English Composition I



ENG 102

English Composition II 


       2.  Oral Communication


COM 140

Speech Communication


       3.  Quantitative Reasoning


MAT 101

College Algebra


C.  Broadened Perspectives:                    

15 hours

      1.  Behavioral Sciences


PSY 210

General Psychology


      2.  Natural Sciences


BIO 110

Principles of Biology OR                                                                  



PHS 111   

Physical Science I


     3.  Arts and Humanities:  History                                     


HIS 221

American History I


      4.  Arts and Humanities:  Critical & Creative Works





Critical and Creative Works 



II.  General Studies Electives:                                                                               29 hours


Minor in Gerontology

FAM 299B/399B

Death and Dying                               




Aging and Care for the Older Adult                                              



SOC 245

Social Gerontology  




Field Work





Choice of six (6) hours from the following courses:                                                    6

BIB 299E/399E    

The Problem of Suffering OR                                                



PHI 299A/399A

The Problem of Suffering                                                  



BIB 433

Personal Counseling



BPH 310

Community Health



FAM 325

Stress and Resilience in Individuals and Families (W)



PSY 408

Family and Individual Counseling 



SWK 252

Human Behavior in the Social Environment II: Adulthood and Aging



SWK 320

Expressive Therapies



SWK 362

Social Welfare Policies and Services II




Topical Seminar




18 hours    


Minor in Military Science and Leadership*

MSL 301

Leadership and Problem Solving                                                 



MSL 302

Leadership and Ethics 



MSL 401

Leadership and Management



MSL 402




MSL 491**

Leadership Development and Assessment Course




22 hours

*Admission to the Minor in Military Science and Leadership Program is contingent upon successful completion of the following courses: MSL 101, MSL 102, MSL 201, MSL 202, and MSL 291**.

**MSL 291 and MSL 491 are conducted at a designated U.S. Army Installation.