Major in Mathematics

Ready to pursue a degree in Mathematics? Find out what's required with our easy to follow 4-year plan and a complete list of degree requirements.

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Degree Requirements

B.S. Major in Mathematics                                                         126 HOURS

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Mike Johnson
For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics:  Degree/Graduation

I.  Liberal Arts Core Requirements 36 hours
Listed in this catalog under Academics: Liberal Arts Display
Limit II. C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 122 Analytics and Calculus I
Limit III. B. Natural Sciences to PHS 211 Physics for Science and Engineering I
II.  Core Requirements
42 hours
CIS 171  Computer Programming I    3 
CIS 172  Computer Programming II   3 
MAT 223 Analytics and Calculus II  4 
MAT 224 Analytics and Calculus III  4
MAT 240 Discrete Mathematics  3
MAT 306 Foundations of Geometry (W)  3
MAT 330 Linear Algebra  3
MAT 345 Differential Equations  3
MAT 351  Probability   3 
MAT 353  Statistical Inference   3 
MAT 424  Complex Analysis OR   3 
MAT 426 Advanced Calculus (W) (3)
MAT 430 Abstract Algebra (W)  3
MAT 441 Number Theory (W)  3
MAT 495 Mathematics Seminar  1  

III. Recommended Courses and Electives (including additional Bible):

48 hours 
PHS 212 Physics for Science and Engineering II (W) 4
Requirements for Teaching Licensure in Mathematics:

1. Completion of the B.S. major in mathematics as outlined above 

2. Required professional secondary education courses (see Department of Education entry)