Course of Study for Pre-Nursing


For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation Requirements.

To be accepted into the Nursing Program, a student must have completed:

    ENG 101, ENG 102, BIO 211, BIO 212, BIO 215, BIO 318, MAT 101,
    and MAT 235

    A cumulative GPA of at least 2.8

    A science GPA (BIO 211, BIO 212, BIO 215, BIO 318) of at least 2.5

    A TEAS score of proficient or higher and a science score of 52.1% or greater

    Less than 12 hours of general education classes remaining plus Bible

    No more than one science course may be repeated for a grade of at least a C


I. Liberal Arts Core Requirements

34 hours 

Listed in this catalog under Academics: General Education Display

Limit  II. C. Quantitative Reasoning to MAT 101 College Algebra 

Limit III.  B. 1. Biology to BIO 211 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab 


II. Professional Support Courses:

BIO 212

Human Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab


BIO 215



BIO 318



HEA 121 

Principles of Nutrition 


MAT 235

Introductory Statistics