The Durrington Award for Excellence in Biblical Research

Through the generosity of Victor L. Durrington and because of his keen interest in promoting scriptural teaching on the topic of social drinking, this opportunity for research regarding a specific topic is offered to students of Freed-Hardeman University.

The 2012 Topic 

How Does New Testament Teaching about Christian Example Impact a Christian's View of Alcohol?


Who is eligible?

Any student enrolled in Freed-Hardeman University during the Fall, Summer and Spring semester of 2012.

What is the Durrington Award for Research Excellence?

It is a monetary award given annually to the writer of the best paper presented for consideration on the specified topic. Additionally, any paper written about a contemporary issue from a biblical perspective is eligible for consideration.

A committee of Freed-Hardeman faculty and staff will make the selection during the spring semester and the winner will be announced on Awards Day.

The winner will receive a significant monetary award and, if the committee's average evaluation score is high enough, a medallion will also be given, to commemorate his or her accomplishment. The committee may also, at its discretion, award second and third-place awards.

Details for Entry

  • To be eligible for the 2012 award, papers:
  • Must be written during the Spring, Summer or Fall semesters of 2012 
  • Must be written on the current year's topic for a Bible course or independently, or written on some other contemporary topic from a biblical perspective
  • Must be submitted by student-writer or faculty member by January 31, 2013

A digital copy of the paper (in Microsoft Word format) is required. Submissions should be e-mailed to Algene Steele, Office of Marketing and University Relations, at

While no specific style is required, participants are encouraged to use a recognized and appropriate style for their paper. MLA and APA are examples of recognized and appropriate styles for academic papers.

The Award Committee includes: Dr. Kirk Brothers, Dr. Jim Gardner, Dr. Jenny Johnson and Mr. Algene Steele.