B.B.A. in Management

Management is a profession with an unlimited variety of exciting employment opportunities in the business world and beyond. Faculty use their education, work experience, and wisdom to bring in real-world applications for students to discuss. Professionals from around the community are brought in to provide students with current issues facing management and how they deal with these issues. This creates a learning environment that stimulates and nourishes the critical thinking skills needed for a career in management. 

The BBA in Management classes are taught in the Brown-Kopel Business Center which provides an outstanding learning environment for developing the skills needed in today's competitive business environment. Alumni of FHU have careers as business owners, careers in management, and careers in the international marketplace, just to name a few. 

Faculty members are also committed to helping students cultivate faith, strengthen service attitudes, and develop balance in church, family, community, and career. They do this by weaving biblical examples throughout each course.

Business students can participate in professional and honor organizations, workshops, and career expos to help network with employers and other students. These networking opportunities prove valuable to the students when seeking employment after graduation. 

4 - Year Plans

To make your path to graduation a little easier, four-year plans for students planning to major in Management have been created:

Degree Requirements

B.B.A. Major in Management

B.B.A./M.B.A. in Management