B.B.A. in Marketing

Freed-Hardeman University's marketing degree provides the foundation for numerous types of business and nonprofit careers.

Our program combines the understanding of the mathematical and financial skills needed for business that help organizations recognize not just how to run a business, but how to create value to consumers, which is the key to business success.

Marketing majors develop a "big picture" view of business that includes the processes for taking a product or service from a simple idea, all the way to production and acceptance in the marketplace.

Our graduates have established careers in areas such as advertising, retail management, industrial sales, purchasing, social media, digital content, SEO (search engine optimization), market research, project management, analytics, and healthcare.

Students gain hands on experience with digital marketing simulations, real client experiences, and networking leadership opportunities. Teams of students develop applicable sales skills with actual sales exposure. 


Degree Requirements

B.B.A. Major in Marketing

B.B.A./M.B.A. in Marketing