Major in Psychology

The Department of Behavioral Sciences seeks to assist students in understanding human behavior and criminal behavior, child development, family relations, and societal and cultural changes. In addition, the Department seeks to prepare students with intellectual and vocational skills to function in a variety of professional service occupations.

Degree Requirements

Course of Study for a B.S. Major in Psychology
Program Coordinator:  Dr. Chris Creecy

I. Liberal Arts Core Requirements:

34 hours

Listed in this catalog under Academics: Liberal Arts Display

II. Major Requirements:

41 hours

PSY 210

General Psychology


PSY 215

Introduction to Psychological Practice


PSY 218

Abnormal Psychology


PSY 310

Developmental Psychology


PSY 311

Research Methods (W)


PSY 312

Social Psychology


PSY 315

Learning and Memory


PSY 316

Statistics for Behavioral Sciences


PSY 408

Family and Individual Counseling


PSY 412

Advanced Research Methods (W)


PSY 418

Physiological Psychology


PSY 419 

Capstone Course in Psychology (W) 

Plus 6 hours from the following courses: 

6 hours

CJU 380

Criminal Behavior and Profiling 


FAM 305

Childhood Disorders 


FAM 320

Expressive Therapies


FAM 335

Human Sexuality 


FAM 299/399B

Death and Dying


PSY 201

Child Development


PSY 306

Educational Psychology


PSY 299/399H

Psychology in Film


SOC 445

Ethnic Cultures


SWK 251

HBSE I:  Childhood and Adolescence 


SWK 252

HBSE II: Adulthood and Aging


SWK 330 

Crisis Intervention



 III. Electives (including additional Bible):

51 hours

Requirements for Teaching Licensure in Psychology:

  1. Completion of the B.S. major in psychology as outlined above.
  2. Required professional education course.  (See Department of Education entry.)