Education (Secondary)

Students seeking secondary licensure in a content area may select from a variety of disciplines including Art K-12, Theatre K-12, Music (vocal general) K-12, Physical Education (Kinesiology) K-12, Spanish PreK-12, History 6-12, Chemistry 6-12, English 6-12, Biology 6-12, Mathematics 6-12, Psychology 9-12, Business Education 6-12, and Speech Communication 6-12.

In addition to their respective content preparation, students will focus on the professional education core as outlined by the Department of Education. This includes rich, robust practicum experiences integrated in the professional core courses and one full semester of student teaching in public school settings. Students who successfully complete their respective secondary education program and the specified State-required examination(s) are eligible, on recommendation of the University, for Tennessee certification to teach at the secondary level.



Degree Requirements 

B.A./B.S. Major in Education (Secondary)
(Second Major Only)
Program Coordinator: Dr. Jennifer Creecy

For a complete listing of requirements for graduation, see Academics: Degree/Graduation



I. Liberal Arts Core Requirements are met by the content major


II. Second Major Requirements


EDU 130

Introduction to Education (W)


EDU 250 

 Professional Reflective Seminar I 


EDU 320

Technology in the Classroom


EDU 327

Tests and Measurement


EDU 350*

Professional Reflective Seminar II 

EDU 428*

Classroom Management


EDU 431A*

Teaching Methods and Literacy - Secondary English OR


EDU 431B* 

Teaching Methods and Literacy - Secondary Mathematics OR


EDU 431C* 

Teaching Methods and Literacy - Secondary Social Studies OR


EDU 431D* 

Teaching Methods and Literacy - Secondary Science OR


EDU 431E* 

Teaching Methods and Literacy - K-12 Content Areas


EDU 447

Student Teaching, Secondary  OR


EDU 448

Student Teaching, K-12


EDU 450

Professional Reflective Seminar III


PSY 306

Educational Psychology (W)


RDG 321

Teaching Secondary School Literacy


SPE 240

Special Education Foundations (W)


*These courses must be taken the semester prior to student teaching.