Student Teaching

Students must submit a formal application online for admission to student teaching. The application may be accessed below.

The online application for student teaching is due on February 1 for the following Fall semester and September 1 for the following Spring semester. The application must be approved by the Director of Field Experiences and the Teacher Education Committee before the student may engage in student teaching.

For final admission to student teaching the applicant must:

  • have an up-to-date electronic portfolio approved by the Director of Field Experience.

  • have evidence of liability insurance coverage.

  • complete all courses with an EDU or RDG prefix and SPE 240 must be completed with a minimum grade of C.

  • have an overall grade point average of at least 2.75 in all course work and teaching subject matter endorsements.

Student teaching is such a demanding responsibility that students may not take additional coursework or participate in extracurricular activities during the student teaching semester. This includes musical groups, intercollegiate sports, intramural programs, and other university activities. Student teachers have the right to appeal to the Director of Field Experiences or the Teacher Education Committee to receive special permission to participate in such activities.


Click here to complete an Application for Student Teaching.

Click here to download the Student Teaching Application Photograph Requirements.