Activities of the Honors program are planned to transcend the boundaries separating the disciplines of academic programs in the other schools of the university. The Honors program offers talented, motivated students educational opportunities designed to enrich the university experience and to advance progress toward personal, academic, and career goals. Honors courses and activities are designed to help students learn to think and read critically, develop intellectual skills and knowledge across disciplines, and apply principles of service, leadership, and responsibility.

Dating back to 1974, Freed-Hardeman University had the first honors program in schools associated with the Churches of Christ and also became the first of those schools to have an Honors College. FHU's move brought the first Honors College to the state of Tennessee in February 1998, reaffirming a commitment to academic excellence in all the schools of our university. Over the years, the Honors program at FHU has maintained its commitment to providing an education of exceptional quality and value to a student population deeply committed to scholarship. The Honors program fosters an environment that allows the free exchange of ideas, often in small classes taught by distinguished faculty. FHU Honors students are regularly invited to make honors presentations at the conference meetings of the Tennessee Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council, and the National Collegiate Honors Council.