Honors Credit

Honors credit hours are earned when a student receives an H as a final grade in a course. These credit hours are applied to student transcripts with the grade of 'H' - which is 'A' with honors. With the exception of HON 150 and HON 200, only students who are members of the Honors program are eligible to receive an H grade and thereby earn honors credit hours.


Students can earn honors credit hours by receiving an H grade in three academic contexts:

  1. Course sections reserved for honors students only,
  2. Courses offered by other schools of the University that are contracted for honors credit, and
  3. Honors colloquia, practicums, or seminars.


Honors sections include traditional university courses offered as limited access, limited enrollment sections. Such classes are kept small - no more than 20 students - to allow for active discussion and student-centered learning. Honors contracts allow for students to earn H grades by negotiating modified requirements in other courses which are a normal part of their schedule. Colloquia, practicum courses, internships, independent studies, and seminars are provided to enhance the academic program of Honors students. In general, these courses provide convenient forums for small-group discussion and presentations which will introduce students to the community of scholars beyond normal classroom experiences.

Students who do not meet standard Honors eligibility criteria may be nominated for limited access to honors course work for traditional grades by deans or department chairs. Also, to accommodate majors in departments offering honors course sections, non-honors students may be allowed to enroll in honors courses and earn traditional grades.