Honors students at FHU receive several privileges, including the advantage of a distinguished learning environment in the Honors program, enhanced resources, opportunities for community service and civic engagement, and special recognition designed to help them progress toward personal, academic, and career goals.


Students in the Honors program may benefit from:

  • Honors courses and sections

  • Small classes

  • Honors contracts

  • Advising and support

  • Access to the Honors Lounge

  • Honors events

  • Honors service projects


In addition to the privileges of the Honors program, students in the Honors College may benefit from:

  • Honors College events and cultural trips

  • Extended library privileges

  • An Honors College scholarship

  • Involvement in the Honors Council

  • Graduation as an Honors College Scholar or Honors College Scholar with University Honors

  • Honors designation on diploma and transcript




Honors students stand around a cobblestone circle marking the site of the Boston Massacre