Engaged Learning Initiative (ELI)

FHU’s Engaged Learning Initiative (ELI) is a program dedicated to enhancing the academic experience of the FHU undergraduate student. The ELI connects the classroom with the real world – from theory to applied practice. Our ELI develops practical knowledge and skills, so that students are better prepared for future educational and career goals. 

Through the ELI students will:

  • encounter powerful ideas in a challenging, collaborative environment; 
  • embrace their God-given potential and responsibility; 
  • and engage their world in vocation and service


Institutional grants are available to fund student and faculty ELI projects in five categories. A detailed description of each category and examples of projects are found in the Best Practices for Student Engagement Faculty Guide.

Download the Best Practices for Student Engagement Faculty Guide

Download the ELI Special Project Proposal Form

Download the ELI Special Project Rubric

Submit ELI Special Project Proposals to eli@fhu.edu. The proposal deadline for projects to be funded during the summer term is February 1. The proposal deadline for projects to be funded after the summer term but during the following academic year is April 1.

Academic Research Projects
Creative Expression Projects
Global Citizenship Projects
Servant Leadership
Bridge Experience


Recent Special Projects

Laser Timing Gates Thumbnail

Baserunning in Baseball

People often describe baseball as a game of inches. It is described this way due to the propensity of a game to change drastically on one close play. Because of the nature of a baseball game, baseball coaches are always looking for any way to get an advantage over their opponents in hopes of swinging close games in their favor. The use of technology in baseball has exploded over the past five to seven years, with pitchers and hitters using all kinds of equipment to improve their skills and ability to play at a high level. This project allowed the team use a laser timing system to test our coaches’ baserunning theory and determine if our method is the best way to teach baserunning to our baseball players at Freed-Hardeman.

Honduras 2022.Thumbnail

Nursing Medical Missions in Honduras

This bridge-experience provided an opportunity for students to travel to Santa Ana, Honduras to assist in several projects that aided in improving the health and lives of the Hondurans. While in Honduras, the students had the opportunity to be the "hands and feet of Jesus" by providing physical and spiritual care while also sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their work was in cooperation with TORCH Missions and Clinica de Esperanza (Clinic of my Hope). 

Nursing students from Freed-Hardeman spent their 2022 Spring Break in Honduras immersed into the Honduran culture, exploring how to identify, initiate, and sustain medicine and housing to enhance the quality of life in a poverty-stricken, third world country. Students were involved in a variety of projects that promoted a holistic approach to healthcare, setting up remote clinics in outlying villages, building a house, assembling and distributing food bags, and educating on the importance of clean water while providing water filtration systems. They were also presented with opportunities to work in local hospitals, the school for the deaf, and the school for the blind.



Peru 2020.Thumbnail

Nursing Medical Missions in Peru

Freed-Hardeman junior nursing students had the opportunity to travel to Peru in 2020 to show kindness and the love of Christ by providing physical and spiritual care to the people of Cusco.  Their work was in cooperation with CerviCusco, a medical clinic that specializes in the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer in Peruvian women. While on site, the students were immersed in the Peruvian culture as they explored how to identify, initiate, and sustain medicine ventures that enhance the quality of life of those in need.
RAM Feature

Remote Area Medical Volunteering

This ELI grant provided funds for students to exercise their desire to serve others through remote medical care. Students were able to get involved with helping others in a very personal way through Remote Area Medical clinics (RAM). RAM is a nonprofit provider of free pop-up clinics whose mission is to provide quality healthcare to underserved and uninsured individuals. This ELI project permitted eight FHU students the opportunity to travel to Mayfield, KY and Springfield, TN to work with RAM to serve those in need through volunteer service. Through the Remote Area Medical clinics, it was also FHU's desire that the students would be able to gain a new perspective on the disparities existing within communities across the country.