Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credits


A student who has earned graduate credit from a regionally accredited institution generally may transfer a maximum of six (6) semester hours into an approved degree program or three (3) hours for the certificate program. These must be approved by the appropriate director of graduate studies. Some summer workshops, short courses, video courses, online/distance learning courses, etc. may not be accepted as transfer credit.

The Master of Divinity student may transfer in (from any accredited institution) as many as 42 hours of A's and B's, which will count toward degree requirements as long as, in the director's judgment, those courses are reasonable substitutes for core or elective courses.

The University is not obligated to accept any courses for transfer of credit. Transfer courses must reflect and be similar to courses within the program of study the student is entering. Only grades of A or B will be accepted. The coursework must not have been used to satisfy a requirement for any degree previously granted (exception in Graduate Theology). Graduate credit from foreign universities is not accepted because of academic and procedural differences between U.S. regionally accredited and foreign institutions. Official transcripts are required before courses can be evaluated, approved, and accepted.