Course Descriptions


HAD 510. Healthcare Management & Leadership. 3 hours. F., Sp.

A foundational study of management and leadership specific to the administration of healthcare organizations. The course blends traditional management and leadership principles with current healthcare topics and practices. Prerequisite: MGT 241 Principles of Management or approved equivalent.

HAD 530. U.S. Healthcare System and Regulation. 3 hours. Sp.

A continuation of the study of administering healthcare organizations. The course will focus on the service structure of this industry, current regulatory issues, and the relationship to the broader community specific to the healthcare operations in the United States. The course will also include an introduction to epidemiology. Prerequisite: MGT 241 Principles of Management or approved equivalent.

HAD 540. Quality Management and Assurance. 3 hours. F.

A study of the basic elements of quality improvement in the healthcare industry. This course will also address quality assurance and relevant organizational responsibilities of this process. The course will focus on data analysis for quality improvement, clinical practice guidelines, and the future of healthcare quality. Prerequisite: BAN 225 Quantitative Business Analysis.

HAD 560. Healthcare Informatics. 3 hours. Sp.

A study of the evolving role of information systems within the healthcare industry. Emphasis will be on understanding how various information systems are used to support both clinical and administrative aspects of the organization. The course will include a discussion of current applications and technologies relevant to today's healthcare facilities. Prerequisite: BAN 225 Quantitative Business Analysis.

HAD 570. Healthcare Compliance Conflict Resoluti . 3 hours. Sp.

An in-depth study of the regulations currently governing and affecting the healthcare industry. It will explore key regulations, the regulatory process, and their governing bodies. The course will also explore healthcare arbitration and negotiation as part of the broader subject of conflict resolution.

HAD 580. Healthcare Financial Management. 3 hours. Sp.

A study of the issues related to and specific to the financial management of the healthcare organization. The course will examine Operating Revenue and its sources. In addition, students will examine the concepts of working capital and how resources are allocated within the healthcare organization. Prerequisite: FIN385 or approved equivalent.

HAD 590. Graduate Healthcare Internship. 3 hours. Su., F., Sp.

A 200-hour field work experience conducted under the supervision of a healthcare sponsor. The internship provides each student an opportunity to gain relevant and meaningful experience in a healthcare organization. Each placement is proposed by the student and approved by the faculty advisor. Prerequisite: Completion of all other HAD courses.