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Request for Approval for Graduate Thesis. (M. Ed.)

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Ed. D. Program Forms

All necessary forms for the Ed.D. program can be obtained by contacting Dr. Aarek Farmer, the Director of the Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership, at or 731-989-6513.


Current Student Resources

This site provides a number of links to resources of interest to currently enrolled graduate students. If the information you seek is not available at one of the pages listed below, please contact the Graduate Studies in Education office at 1-800-FHU-FHU1 so that we may assist you.


Important Documents

Conceptual Frameworks

School of Education Conceptual Frameworks


Internship Handbook

FHU Instructional Leadership Handbook


Program Completion Checklists

M.Ed. Instructional Leadership - Administration & Supervision (Licensure)

Ed.S. Instructional Leadership - Administration & Supervision (Licensure)

Ed.S. Instructional Leadership - Teacher Leadership (Non-licensure)

MEd Curriculum and Instruction - Major Req

Special Education Program

MAT PreK-3 - Major Req

MAT K-5 - Major Req

MAT 6-12/K-12 - Major Req



Academic Catalog

2021-2022 FHU Academic Catalog  (PDF)

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