Academic Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2018


Jan. 2       


Add/Drop for January Two-Week Session- 5:00 p.m. 

Jan. 5


Last Day to Withdraw Passing January Two Week Session- 5:00 p.m.

Jan. 12 

  Final Exams First Two-Week Session

Jan. 13


First Eight-Week Session Begins

Jan. 15

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (no classes)

Jan. 16 


Advising and Registration for Students not enrolled in Spring 2018- 9:00am - 12:00pm

Jan. 17


Final Grades for Two-Week Courses due by 5:00pm

Jan. 17 

  Undergraduate Sixteen-Week Session Begins

Jan. 25


Add/Drop for Sixteen-Week and First Eight-Week Courses- 12:00pm

Jan. 25


Deadline for Special Studies Form Submissions- 12:00pm

Jan. 25


Applications for May and August Graduation Due- 12:00pm


Feb. 4-8

Annual Bible Lectureships

Feb. 9

  Withdraw Passing First Eight-Week Session- 5:00pm

Feb. 12 


Counseling Guides for May Graduates due in Registrar's Office

Feb. 19


Maroon and Gold Day

Mar. 5   

Summer and Fall 2018 Schedule of Classes Available

Mar. 5-9


Final Exams First Eight-Week Session

Mar. 9


Fall Incompletes and Mid-Term Grades Due at 1:00pm

Mar. 9

Last Day to Change or Declare a Major Prior to Advising and Registration for Summer and Fall 2018

Mar. 10


Second Eight-Week Session Begins 

Mar. 10- Apr. 1


Students may not Change or Declare a Major

Mar. 12


Advising of Summer and Fall 2018  Begins 

Mar. 14


Grades due for First Eight-Week Session 5:00pm

Mar. 15


Graduate Students and Seniors Begin Registering 

Mar. 16


Counseling Guides for August Graduates due to Registrar's Office- 5:00pm

Mar. 16


Withdraw Passing Deadline for Sixteen-Week Courses- 5:00pm

Mar. 16

  Add/Drop Second Eight-Week Courses- 12:00pm

Mar. 16


Juniors Begin Registering for Summer and Fall 2018

Mar. 19


Sophomores Begin Registering for Summer and Fall 2018

Mar. 21


Freshmen Begin Registering for Summer and Fall 2018

Mar. 25- Apr. 1

Spring Break


Apr. 6


Maroon and Gold Day

Apr. 6


Early Registration for New Students

Apr. 6-7


Makin' Music Weekend

Apr. 13


Withdraw Passing Deadline for Second Eight-Week Courses- 5:00pm


May 7-10


Final Exams Sixteen-Week and Second Eight-Week Sessions

May 11


Graduation Rehearsal for Students- 10:00am

May 11


Final Grades due at 1:00pm

May 12


Graduation Exercises, Loyd Auditorium, 10:00am