NSCC/FHU Dickson Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment 

Freed-Hardeman University and Nashville State Community College have established an agreement allowing for concurrent enrollment between the universities. Students who are concurrently enrolled have access to the following facilities and programs offered jointly by the two institutions.

  • Advising for proper program and course selection

  • Class registration at each institution

  • Access to computer laboratories and internet accounts

  • Library access

  • Student identification cards

  • Access to sporting events

  • Access to online transcripts with degree plan analysis


Cooperative advising will be provided jointly by both institutions for students participating in concurrent enrollment. FHU will allow participating NSCC transfer students to register for FHU courses during the normal enrollment period provided for currently enrolled FHU students based on earned hours. NSCC students will be required to speak with an academic advisor from FHU before registering.  


Eligibility for Concurrent Enrollment

Students at FHU or NSCC may concurrently enroll at both institutions in any given semester. Students may participate in concurrent enrollment, so long as they have been admitted and are in academic good standing with at least one institution.  


Ineligibility for Concurrent Enrollment

Students who lose their eligibility to continue in classes at either institution lose their eligibility to participate in concurrent enrollment. Each institution reserves the right to allow students to continue at their respective institution. 


Process to Begin Concurrent Enrollment

Any student interested in pursuing concurrent enrollment between FHU and NSCC should contact the admissions counselor at FHU Dickson (Renaissance Center). Their information is listed below. The counselor will assist you in completing all necessary paperwork and registering for courses once accepted.  



Demetria Walker
Regional Admissions Director, Nursing Program