The FHU Office of University Advancement annually chooses two members of the Associates to receive special awards.

The LaVonne B. Scott "Heart of a Servant" Award is given to an Associate who exemplifies the heart of a servant - who is happy to work at projects (even in the thankless jobs), who is excited about our mission, and who does not ask for recognition, but who deserves to be honored.

The "Leap of Faith" Award is given to the Associate who is an innovator, an encourager - an Associate who, perhaps, is responsible for getting a new project off the ground or who came up with a "big new idea" and had the courage to follow it through.  This award honors the Associate who says, "We can do that!"




Heart of a Servant - Arlene Brown

Leap of Faith - Sandra Moore



Heart of a Servant – Linda Hale

Leap of Faith – Lorie McCaskill



Heart of a Servant – Sharlene Thompson

Leap of Faith – Nyla Stewart



Heart of a Servant – Jackie Hibbett

Leap of Faith – Debbie McLaughlin



Heart of a Servant – Linda Hale

Leap of Faith - NONE



Heart of a Servant – Doris Maness

Leap of Faith – Martha Alls



Heart of a Servant – Jean Marilyn Hogan

Leap of Faith – Brenda DePriest



Heart of a Servant - Lynne Golson

Leap of Faith - Carole Childers (awarded posthumously)