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Sunshine Boxes, available from the FHU Associates, are fun and encouraging gift boxes for FHU students, filled with riotous color and lots of love. They are perfect for midterms, Makin' Music, birthdays, finals week, or just normal Tuesdays! Sunshine Boxes are only $20 each, and are filled with snacks, gifts, toys, and fun. Each box's contents are of a single color - choose from yellow, pink, or blue (please note that boxes ordered for Makin' Music week are not club specific).

Click HERE for a Sunshine Box Order Form. The order form will give you specifics about the three different boxes and the sentiments printed on the enclosed cards. You may return the order form along with your payment to FHU Associates, 158 E. Main St., Henderson, TN 38340, or you may call us at 731-435-1091 to place an order and pay with a credit card.




Ladies Bible Class Study Books published by the FHU Associates:

How Shall I Be Remembered? Vol. 1, $10.95

How Shall I Be Remembered? Vol. 2, $10.95
How Shall I Be Remembered? Vol. 3, $10.95
Am I Abiding in Christ? $10.95


Associates' Cookbooks
Treasury of Recipes, Vol. 1 $5.00
Treasury of Recipes, Vol. 2 $5.00
Come On In, $10.00

Contact us as shown below for retail and wholesale ordering information.






The historic Hardeman House is located on the campus of Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson, Tennessee. It is available for weddings, receptions, parties, reunions, and other gatherings.

Contact us as shown below for prices and availability.




All profits GO TO student scholarships.

Contact us at 731-435-1091,, or:

FHU Associates
158 E. Main St.
Henderson, TN 38340


You can also find the FHU Associates on Facebook.