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FHU Celebrates Mr. / Ms. FHU

Mar. 16, 2016

The spring semester is busy here in the Alumni department. In addition to gaining new SAA members, holding the annual Chili Bowl cook-off, and attending the national SAA convention with students, we just finished up one of our favorite events, Mr. and Miss FHU. 

The seniors on the court are such a talented, Christ-like, smart group of students and are truly a representation of the best of FHU. Like every year, the Mr. and Miss FHU court is picked from faculty and staff votes. We encourage our faculty and staff members to not just vote for seniors that are popular, but to consider their character, involvement, leadership ability, and intellect.

The 2016 Mr. and Miss FHU court consisted of:
Kati Yenawine from Jackson, TN
Will Cobb from Petersburg, TN
Amber Pippin from Dickson, TN 
Jordan Newby from Knoxville, TN 
Julia Tesh from Clemmons, NC
Austen Oakley from Florence, AL. 

The Monday, March 14 event began with a breakfast reception held in the President’s Boardroom for the court representatives and their families. Afterwards, each of the students were presented during chapel while Brother Billy Smith read about their campus accomplishments, memories, and future goals. A slideshow of pictures from different stages of the seniors’ lives played in the background as well.  

Finally, President Wiley took the stage to crown the 2016 Mr. and Miss FHU. We’re happy to have Amber Pippen as Miss FHU and Will Cobb as Mr. FHU. Our university is proud of these students and we have no doubt these seniors will all go on to accomplish great things.