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Golden Year Reunion

Jul. 16, 2013

Every summer one of my favorite events is the Golden Year Reunion. This event is for FHU alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago. It's a wonderful time to connect with friends, share old memories, and see what new changes are taking place on campus.

This year's theme was "Be True to Your School," remembering what life was like at FHU "back in the day." A special part of the event was the memory session held in the Old Main Administration building. With a major restoration for Old Main underway, it seemed a fitting place to reminisce about what this building means to our alumni. For about an hour alumni took turns sharing their favorite memories of chapel, favorite teachers, and activities that happened in Old Main.

Its always a treat to have alumni come back and visit campus. Whether you've been out for 50+ years, or just a year to two, we'd love to have you stop by and see us!

Remember, the four years you spent on campus were just the beginning, you're part of FHU for Life.