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A Little Cultural Confusion

Jul. 07, 2014

Our students who go abroad occasionally experience cultural dissonance—a feeling of discomfort because of cultural variation from what the student is used to. Sometimes the cultural difference is large, like a language barrier. And sometimes it is small, like the way food is served. Read about this funny experience that Gee Santos had while studying abroad in Madrid and ordering tapas (an afternoon snack). Gee is from Brazil and is majoring in both English and Spanish.

Today I had lunch with Maleah, Caroline, and Whitney. I ordered something for only one euro, but I had no idea what it was gonna be—the only thing I knew was that it had goat cheese. The result was four little different types of sandwiches that the waitress served me in a little basket. It was like a little different surprise in each sandwich. I could not believe the amount of food I got for one euro. While I was eating my second sandwich, the girls complained that it was taking way too long for them to be served... Then I thought... "I have four little sandwiches and three of them don't have goat cheese." Yes, it took us a good while to realize that we were all served at the same time using the same basket. We laughed pretty hard, and I bought Caroline another sandwich. #LifeOfATourist