Spiritual Moment

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Be Wise

May. 11, 2015

From the pen of Dr. Sam Jones

Be wise as ants, rock badgers, locusts and lizards. The 2014-2015 school year is coming to a close with the approaching of the 146th commencement. For some of the FHU community, the year has been challenging, but for many it has been a time of great achievements. For those who have had to face challenges, the support and understanding of the FHU community has made the difference. The road these individuals have traveled would have been longer and lonely if people like you hadn’t been there. Thank God for the FHU Community!

The Bible reading for today is Proverbs 30-31. The thoughts for this Spiritual Moment will be deducted from Proverb 30:24-28. The writer encourages his reader to pause and consider four small creatures. We have been programmed to think that some people because of their size, age, or gender may not have much to offer, but we are challenged in Proverb 30:24 to consider “… four things which are little on the earth, But they are exceedingly wise” (Prov. 30:24). So what can we learn from these small creatures?

Ants (Prov. 30:25). Although very small, we can learn valuable lessons from them. They teach us the importance of redeeming or using our time wisely. They are driven by the instinctive fact that winter is coming; thus, they work to store food for the survival of the colony. They are very industrious; they can’t afford to be lazy (Prov. 6:6-11). A second lesson from this small creature is the value of cooperation or teamwork. It’s absolutely amazing what people or things can achieve when they are willing to work together (Gen. 11:1-9; Neh. 4:7-23). Each one of us must prepare for the second coming of Christ; don’t be caught unprepared. Like ants must prepare for the approaching winter; we must prepare for the coming judgment (Matt. 25:1ff).

Rock Badgers (Prov. 30:26). These are rock rabbits; they are not powerful animals, but they are wise. They are wise because they know where to stay and what to avoid. They live in very dangerous terrain. They live among the rocks for their safety and security. They need the rocks to protect them from their predators. Like the badgers, we need to remain close to our Rock, as affirmed by David (Psa. 62:6-7). No situation or person can hurt or harm us, as long as remain close to our Rock (Rom. 8:28ff).

Locusts (Prov. 30:27). Locusts are selfless creatures. They don’t have a king or leader; yet, they are wise because they know there is strength in numbers. They have the ability to work together without strife or conflict. They don’t fight for power or position. For them, it’s all about the team, not about self-achievement. What a wonderful concept?

Lizards or Geckos (Prov. 30:28). These animals are small and can be caught with your hands. Yet, they are wise because they have the ability to gain entrance into places which most other creatures can’t. They can easily scale the highest walls and evade the best defenses. They are not bound by their physical limitation. Let’s not think that we can’t do something because of some limitation. Learn to believe in your ability and don’t be afraid to try.

These maybe small and powerless creatures, but God wants us to look at them and learn. God help us to keep an open mind to learn from others!