Spiritual Moment

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"Heaven Holds All To Me"

Sep. 18, 2015

From the pen of Dr. Sam Jones 


Heaven! When you think of heaven, what thoughts come to mind? For me, when I think of heaven, it’s a place that I long to go. Why? My citizenship is there. My name is written there. I have a place reserved there. My sweet Rhonda is there. Several loved ones and good friends are there. My heart is there. My God is there. My Savior is there. So much of what I love is there. I guess you can say heaven holds all to me.


In 1915, Tillit S. Teddlie penned the beautiful and uplifting hymn, “Heaven Holds All To Me.” In 1987, at the young age of 102, brother Teddlie died; he is buried in the Forest Park Cemetery in Greenville, Texas. On his grave stone, there’s the inscription, “Heaven Holds All To Me.” This great hymn conveys in an eloquent way his, mine, and many others’ sentiments. The thoughts of the hymn are from Jesus’ statement to His disciples in Matthew 6:19-21. As you enjoy the beauty of this day, reflects on the words of this popular hymn of heaven.


Earth holds no treasures but perish with using,

However precious they be;

Yet there’s a country to which I am going,

Heaven holds all to me.


Out on the hills of that wonderful country,

Happy, contented and free,

Loved ones are waiting and watching my coming,

Heaven holds all to me.


Why should I long for the world with its sorrow,

When in that home o’er the sea,

Millions are singing the wonderful story,

Heavens holds all to me.



Heaven holds all to me,

Brighter its glory will be;

Joy without measure will be my treasure,

Heaven holds all to me.


Hopefully, this hymn will provide you joy and comfort. Have a great day and weekend; please remember the Lord on Sunday.