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Love Does Not Behave Rudely

Oct. 01, 2015

From the pen of Dr. Sam Jones

Rudeness is never an acceptable behavior for Christians. Regardless how others criticize, belittle, or treat you, it’s never acceptable to be mean and inconsiderate. Love does not do to others what love should not do. Paul declares “Love...does not behave rudely” (I Cor. 13:4-5). Love demands that Christians display respect for others and never behave uncivilized. When the heart is governed by the right kind of love, then people will strive in times of disagreements or conflicts to respond appropriately.

Christians should be extremely careful as to how they respond to others when there’s a disagreement. They are expected to handle situations of disagreements differently than the way others handle disagreements. Earlier, this year, James Oakley wrote the following in a letter to the editor of the newspaper in Tulsa.

“Many teachers went to the Tulsa School Board meeting to object to hiring Deborah Gist as the new superintendent. When the board hired her anyway, the teachers got up and left in the middle of the meeting as a protest.

OK, kids, now you know what your teachers think is the right way to act if you disagree with someone. If your teacher or principal says something that you disagree with or that offends you, get up and leave immediately.

Gee, I wish I’d known I could have done that when I was a student.”

People will say things or make decisions that you may disagree with, but remember the Golden Rule teaches the appropriate response. You are to treat others the way you desire to be treated (cf. Matt. 7:12). As you encounter situations where people offend or criticize you, be polite – because love is never rude.