Spiritual Moment

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Praise the Lord Because He Is...

May. 04, 2015

From the pen of Dr. Sam Jones

The Bible reading for today (Psalms 134, 144-150) brings an end to the readings in the Book of Psalms. The various writers of this wonderful book have encouraged all people to take the time to praise or worship the Lord. The Psalmist in the final chapters provides ample reasons why each person living ought to desire or manifest a yearning to praise the Lord. Today’s Spiritual Moment encourages each of us to consider or reflect on the following reasons all should praise the Lord.

  1. God is our Rock, i.e., He is a mighty fortress for His people in times of trouble (Psa. 144:1). As long as we remain anchored to our Rock, there’s no storm, great or small, that can move us. You can make it through your present storm, just cling or hold tight to the Rock. It’s going to be okay!
  2. God is both a Shield and a Refuge against our enemies (Psa. 144:2). Our enemies will hurdle darts at us in their attempts to shake our faith or to destroy it. But we have nothing to fear; we have a promise from God to protect us (I Cor. 10:13). As He has protected others, He will make a way for us. Do you believe?
  3. God is Jehovah-jireh; He is more than able to supply or provide all our needs (Psa. 144:13-14). Why worry or be overly concerned about the things of the world or life. God will provide. Rejoice and be at peace in this day the Lord has made. When we have been in need before, He came through for us and He will be there today and tomorrow.
  4. God is the real source of real peace and happiness; money can bring a certain level of happiness; material things can also produce some level of joy; but those who put their complete confidence in the Lord will secure real internal joy and happiness and external peace with others (Psa. 144:15).
  5. God is Great (Psa. 145:3). He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. His greatness is unfathomable. Thus, we sing “How great thou art; how great thou art!”
  6. God is Compassionate (Psa. 145:8-9). He is merciful to all; He forgives and imparts blessings on others, like us, who are so undeserving. Thank you God for your great love and mercy!
  7. God is Eternal (Psa. 145:13). He was, is and will always be. He existed before there was a universe; He will never cease to be.
  8. God is Righteous (Psa. 145:17). He executes judgment which is both fair and accurate. God is not capable of making a mistake, much unlike our human judges. As long as we obey and serve God the best we can, He will not give us what we deserve, but a gift undeserved.


These are some of the reasons the Psalmist cites as to why all should take the time to praise God. In chapters 146-150, the Psalmist testifies over and over that God is worthy of praise. Take the time to praise God. May your life be today and tomorrow a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God; for truly He is worthy of praise from all!