Spiritual Moment

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Spiritual Tools

Sep. 02, 2015

From the pen of Dr. Sam Jones 

What do the righteous do when they experience a tragedy or situation in life that shakes their faith?” David’s friends encouraged him to run and hide in Psalm 11:1-3. Today, in times of tragedy, millions turn to drugs and alcohol; others may experience a period of depression and isolate themselves from family and friends. And still others allow themselves to become negative and bitter. But what do the righteous do?

The first suggestion for consideration is the righteous, in times of tragedy, utilize the “spiritual tools” made available by God. Allow me to identify and briefly highlight three of such “spiritual tools” made available for Christians to use to remain faithful to God in difficult times.

Spiritual Tool One – Trust: David used this tool to empower himself to endure and overcome his tragedy. He put his complete trust in the Lord to overcome his enemies (Psa. 11:1). Trust is much deeper than just believing; it’s knowing or having full confidence that God is going to do His part. David taught his son, Solomon, about the value of this tool, and he in return taught his son to “trust in the Lord with all your heart” (Prov. 3:5). Christians, at difficult times in their lives, trust in God to make a way.

Spiritual Tool Two – Two Wings: John tells us in Revelation 12:13, Satan is on a mission to destroy the woman, i.e., the faith of Christians. Thus, he informs them not to worry, because God has made available for them “two wings” that they might fly to Him for protection throughout the Christian age (Rev. 12:14).  Peter informs in 2 Peter 2:9 that God knows how to protect those who put their faith in Him. In difficult times, do you use your two wings to go to God for protection or peace?

Spiritual Tool Three – Anchor: What is the purpose of an anchor? It secures a boat in times of a storm. Well, God has given Christians an anchor to secure them in times of a tragedy. In times of difficulty in your life, do you cast your anchor? Hope, the expectation of God making a way, serves as an anchor (Heb. 6:19). Christians expect (hope) God to make a way in difficult times. Thus, they have learned to wait the storm out. They remain calm, while the anchor does its part. Christians, in times of uncertainties, cast their anchor.

Christians can survive any tragedy in their lives, if they will learn to use the “spiritual tools” God has made available for them. Use the tools!