Business Services

Student Accounts

Student accounts are managed at the One Stop Shop in Gardner Center. See Kim Gott to make payments or visit Paying Your Account.

Christian Bookstore Payments
When making a christian bookstore payment for a church or individual, please include the payment stub from your statement or write the full account number on the memo line of the check. For questions about your bookstore statements please call FHU Christian Store at 731-989-6112.

Donations should be sent to Teresa Ross in the Development Office. Donations

Scholarships should be sent to Summer Judd in Financial Aid. Tuition and Financial Aid

Deposits for University Clubs and Departments
To make a deposit for your club or department, please fill out the deposit form including the account number and send it to Kim Vickery.

Purchase Orders on Campus
University POs for petty cash, credit cards or checks should be completed on the Business Portal system. Log on to Business Portal and complete the purchase order. Print and bring the PO to the Business Office in Financial Services. See Christy Hardin for petty cash, Cerenia Lindsey for checks and/or credit cards. 

Work Study
For questions about our work study program please visit our Work Study page or see Arika Young in her office in Financial Services. 

Employee Payroll & Benefits
For payroll questions contact Arika Young at 731-989-6025. For benefit information please visit our Benefits page or contact Jennifer Holdren at 731-989-6014.