Academic Life

As a college student, the ultimate goal is to complete your education and receive a diploma. At Freed-Hardeman University, we not only help students get a diploma, but also provide each student with a well-rounded education full of opportunities to apply the knowledge they receive. This application can be seen through the collaboration of students with peers and faculty members and through their preparation for the professional world ahead. Our academic programs aim to help students make connections and learn not only in the classroom but through real-world experiences and collaborations. 

Our professional clubs provide those with similar interests a place to explore fields of study as a community. Our study abroad programs allow for cultural exploration as well as the chance to grow as an individual, learning where they fit into society. Our on-campus research center gives students of all classifications the chance to gain experience that will help prepare them for careers and graduate schools. 

So what makes FHU's academic experience different from other universities? The answer is academic excellence guided by the truths of God’s Word and applied to real-world experiences.