Protect The Pride - FHU's COVID-19 Information

Protect the Pride Risk Levels


  • Meaning - No-to-minimal community spread. Evidence of isolated cases or limited community transmission, no evidence of exposure within large communal settings.


  • Meaning - Minimal-to-moderate community spread. Widespread and/or sustained transmission with high likelihood or confirmed exposure within communal settings with potential for rapid increase in suspected cases.


  • Meaning - Substantial community spread. Large scale community transmission, health care staffing significantly impacted, multiple cases within communal settings like healthcare facilities, schools, mass gatherings, etc.

Level RED 

  • Meaning - Substantial and ongoing community spread.

In addition to community spread, three campus metrics will be used to inform decisions related to threat levels: the number of new positive test results; the percentage of new positive test results; and the total number of active cases.


COVID 19 Quick Guide Decision Tree